About us

POLYMEDIC, is a pharmaceutical company which is recognized for its 50 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

POLYMEDIC, recognize by its pharmaceutical know-how is today one of the leading partner in healthcare industry. Our success, results from the strong pharmaceutical heritage with the establishment of Rhone-Poulenc Rorer group in Morocco, the word pharmaceutical reference.

With this heritage, POLYMEDIC has worked constantly to maintain the group’s citizen values. Since, POLYMEDIC has been taking responsibility to improve the quality of life of its patients by developing appropriate therapeutic solutions.

Our conviction the one that affirms our identity, justifies our conduct and guide our strategy

Our values

POLYMEDIC, believe that patients deserve to have access to the best. Providing them new and efficient treatments: This is our conviction, the one that affirms our identity, justifies our conduct and guide our strategy.


For the most common diseases and the uncommon ones, we offer appropriate solutions for each patient, access to treatment for all is our priority. We are committed to taking care of our patients by providing efficient treatments that help improve their health.


We are a responsible company we keep on our promises regarding our patients as well as our employees. All of our practices conform to strict norms and standards. POLYMEDIC is committed to an irreproachable line of conduct and include all of its actions in an ethical and transparent approach.


We are taking responsibility for improving and developing new treatments. We are sharing and applying our ideas. We are looking for evolving and sustainable solutions. We assume that patients deserve to have access to the most effective treatments


We develop lasting, trusting and valuable relationships with our employees and the healthcare professionals. POLYMEDIC is careful to maintain privileged and long lasting relationships to overcome economic, environmental and social issues

Our Competences

POLYMEDIC Laboratories master all the fields of activity of the pharmaceutical industry, from the development of drugs to their placing on the market.