POLYMEDIC, is a pharmaceutical company recognized for its expertise, specialized in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Due to its implantation, equipment and its staff, POLYMEDIC ensure the compliance with the GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES certified by the national and international healthcare and competent authorities

Improving the quality of life of patients is at the very heart of our priority, and we implement all our know-how to achieve this. We are fully committed to develop and improve new treatment which requires rigor and integrity in our daily practices.

As a responsible of health, we have to make sure that our practices fulfil patient needs and lead to improve their quality of life.

In this context, we provide the health care industry including health professionals and patients with efficient treatments, we are constantly looking for developing and producing new medicines to provide patients new generation products.

The wide portfolio reflects our promises to provide each patient with the appropriate treatment.  Conscious of our role as a leader in the healthcare industry we are taking responsibility to fulfil our promises regarding the key industry stakeholders.