Word of the President

After more than 50 years of commitment and innovation, we are proud to embody today, a recognized national reference in the pharmaceutical industry. POLYMEDIC, motivated by its desire to care and protect patients, Polymedic is committed to provide solutions to the present and the future health challenges. It is through this approach that our teamwork is committed to put their talents on the service of patients and healthcare professionals.

POLYMEDIC has adopted a philosophy of dialogue based on listening and openness, which has enabled it to build a long lasting and trustful partnerships. We attach a particular importance to the values of integrity, transparency and collaboration that make our laboratory a responsible and citizen company.

As a committed ambassador, we work hard every day to overcome the challenges and to deploy as much effort as possible to offer medicines that will enable patients to live healthier lives. Our goal is to embed the POLYMEDIC name in prosperity as a trusted partner for the sake of the future.

Mohamed HOUBACHI - President